Google Chrome - Browser crash too often when I try to drag a tab

Before you’re going to say anything, no, I wouldn’t change my browser. I’m using too many machines with different platforms for my work and I need all the view histories synchronized, so I cannot switch the browser with that ease.

I’m using google-chrome of stable channel (89.0.4389.72-1) from AUR, and I’m running it from KDE Plasma 5.21.2-1. I have a dual monitor set up, if that would affect anything.

I’ve been doing a lot of my work using web browsers (including Jupyter), and I use google chrome all the time. With very high frequency, like once two days (or more aptly, sesquidiurnal), when I try to drag a tab from a window to another to organize my workspace, chrome acts very strangely with several different behaviours:

First thing to crash is the tab bar. When I detach a tab and then release to make a new window, I expect said tab should be aligned to the left on the tab bar of that window. However, sometimes, the tab stays wherever I released, like, middle of a tab bar. This is usually the first sign that the chrome is about to crash. Also, said tab is not going to act nicely when I drag tab again.

Usually, but not neccearily, after this, when I try to maximize a window by dragging the title bar to the top of the screen, it freezes. If it crashes, it’s a good thing, since I could just re-open the chrome and restore tabs. Sometimes, it damages Plasma. It would disable some plasma features like background transparency or preview, or sometimes it completely freezes plasma, and I need to move to tty2 or 3 to kill the chrome by command. Plasma un-freezes once chrome is killed.

Now, part of the blame should fall on me, since I’m opening like ~50-100 tabs on average (at least I have enough ram and CPU). But I believe it is because of either the fancy plasma effects being too fancy (seen it causing other issue once, and had to disable some effects) or chrome’s bug. Is this a known issue? Is there a solution or a workaround?

  1. Too bad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  2. Does this also happen if you create a new user and log in there? (E.G. stpjhj2)