Google chrome broken after update on 6/4/2023

I really hope someone can help without flaming me and yes I googled for a solution for HOURS this morning for a solution AND searched support to see if there was a fix so I hope folks will be kind. So after I updated last night, I signed into google chrome and all I see are blank pages. If I place the pointer in areas on the page such as youtube, I can see the video the pointer is on but looks like slow motion. It is not broke, however, on MX Linux, Ubuntu and windows 11 so I am sure it is not google chrome and also the issue did not happen until the update was complete. The PC specs are ASRock B650E PG riptide wifi, Ryzen 9 7950x, G.SKill Flare X5 6000 with EXPO enabled.

Use Firefox

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It would appear this would help, maybe:

Thank you and I just found the post that came from. One question. Is the Beta version secure?


Don’t use chrome, so wouldn’t know…

I assume you have not the latest version of the package. Maybe do a rebuild of it: aur.git - AUR Package Repositories

Turn off GPU acceleration. run this command

google-chrome-stable --disable-gpu --disable-accelerated-video-encode

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There is also this:


Thank you.

MilosR has the correct solution. Clearing the GPU cache did the trick.

This is a better answer than what I gave above.

But not quite as good as

rm -rf ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/GPUCache ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/GrShaderCache/GPUCache ~/.config/google-chrome/ShaderCache/GPUCache

Note that Default is the profile … replace with any other profiles as well as Guest Profile if present.
Also note that the path is almost identical for all chromium-based browsers - brave, chrome, etc.

I still think this is the best solution:

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