Google Chrome Beta 122 with Slow

Greetings! Today the browser began to show more slowness (long delay to execute) when clicking on a region of the scroll bar for faster scrolling, when scrolling this bar, to switch between tabs, and when filling in fields to appear the prompt and choose options. I would like to know if this is due to it being a beta version, or due to some system failure?

Try running Chrome from a terminal & see if it displays any error messages when the slowness starts to happen.

I did this…The terminal just returns that it is “opening in a different browser session”.

Wow, nothing else?

I was going to suggest here something like --safe-mode, but then I checked and recalled there isnt really one.

You will need to try and create a temporary new profile and use that.

But I do suggest checking a clean profile in whatever fashion.


mkdir -p ~/tempchrom
chromium --user-data-dir=~/tempchrom/

Oops, used chromium in my example.
Sorry, replace with google-chrome or whatever variant of chrom* you are using. :slight_smile:

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