Google Calendar Event Notification on Manjaro

Hi all, I don’t use thunderbird because I find its UI/Interface a bit ugly, instead I use mailspring. Unfortunately there is no calendar feature in mailspring. I would want to get desktop notifications for all of my Google Calendar events, I could enable chrome desktop notification but then it would mean chrome should be running always for it to work right? Is there any software which would give me the notifications for all of my calendar events from multiple google accounts?

Something like this?

nope :/, Thanks for the suggestion though. This doesn’t send the system notification when the event is near, i was expecting something like that and also it allows to sync only 1 google calendar account, in my case i wanted to sync multiple accounts. Also maybe Im looking for some software which can run in background and trigger notification alert, this was a widget which ends up occupying space in my desktop which I would prefer to keep it clean :frowning:

Do let me know if you find anything which would help me please :slight_smile:

BUMP. Does anyone know of any workaround for this problem? Google calendar event reminders is a MUST for me, I would like to be notified of events through my desktop notifications.

maybe korganizer ? give it a try i use it with google calender on multiple accounts