Good usb wifi adapter that works with manjaro?

I know some of you have something like this. My friend wants to get a new one because the internet on his phone isn’t very good (he is doing usb tethering to get internet). So please send one that you have tested, is fast, and works easily.

I don’t use one of these, but I think Linux hasn’t generally had big issues with wifi for a couple years now meaning most such usb adapters should work fine with manjaro or any other distro with a recent kernel.

I would suggest you look in your local stores for options, find a usb wifi adapter that you think will suit his needs and then web search issues for that specific model of usb wifi adapter on linux.

If you find nothing it’s not exactly a sure sign that it will work perfectly, there’s not so many linux users so things like that can sometimes slip through the cracks; if you find something that also doesn’t mean the adapter would be bad (often it’s a simple matter of configuration after all). But this is generally how i do it if i need to buy hardware and I want to find out how well it works on linux.

Just find the hardware I want, check if there are any user reports on how good or bad the device is on linux, then buy or look for something else based on those results. It’s not a perfect strategy but it should at least generally prevent you from buying something that’s a dud on linux.

If you find no reports (or if all the reports you find are aobut other issues where the device model is mentioned in someone’s inxi/lsusb output) it’s likelier that it works well on linux than that it doesn’t work.

Someone might be able to recommend you a good adapter, but there’s no guarantee you’d actually be able to buy it, and their definition of good might differ a bit from yours.

Yes do it the other way around, look what is available to buy, search the internet for that specific chipset and if it is supported by the current LTS kernels, and then decide to buy or not.

Even if not supported by the kernel, you may also have DKMS drivers available to install from the AUR so this is another option.

In any case, product recommendation is against the rules of the forums, threads get closed in general.

//EDIT: you can also try google search like “linux supported wifi chipset”
//EDIT2: also there is this website Find parts to search for some hardware info on Linux (example the WIFI chipset name)

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