Gnome's embedded screen recorder doesnt record voices

Hello there,
Im using Manjaro 20.1, Kernel58, with Gnome 3.36.6.
Im trying to screencasting by the embedded screen recorder in gnome using ctrl+alt+shift+R
but this feature doesn’t record the voice in the same time with the screen.
I mean when I want to record a video, it records the photo motion without the voices in that video.
Is there any way to enable it?
Thanks a lot
Im sorry if there is anything missing, Im still new here

Gnome’s embedded screen recorder doesnt record voices

Ok … good … no “ghost in the shell” :laughing:

But, if I am not mistaken … that tool is only for the visual recording.
(you can combine it with other tools like the voice recorder, or use a more comprehensive application)

I didnt get it :sweat_smile:

Thanks, could you recommend me one?

Instead of ‘hearing voices’ we didnt :wink:
(like how its a common horror or insanity trope to be hearing things)

I think the one most people use is OBS studio. Package obs-studio .
Though I am sure someone will post other opinions, I dont really have any - that one is just common.

I got it :joy:

Thank you, I’ll try it

I did try it, but it doesnt work cause of WayLand windowing system

While I haven’t personally had to record my screen I did a little looking around and you may want to try green recorder (It is in the AUR as green-recorder). It is a "simple screen recorder for linux desktops. Supports Wayland & Xorg).

I found it on this webpage that might help (although don’t pay attention to the installation instructions for these software packages they are for ubuntu using apt. Just search for the different software packages in pamac (The Add/Remove Software application that is installed on your system).

The link is:

Thank you,
but green recorder doesnt record the voice properly, it works awfully with the mic. (I was using Windows10, the screen recorder records the video like if I downloaded it), and the other apps records black screen cause of Wayland.
I tried to switch to Xorg on gdm, but it goes on a loop of login and doesnt work.
and tried to uncomment
# Uncoment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg #WaylandEnable=false
in sudo nano /etc/gdm/custom.conf but the system sticks on a black screen
and tried to use the same scenario on Linux54 but also with no success.
Did I do something wrong?

I tried GDM as Gnome Classic, Gnome Xorg, openbox ,and didnt login unless in Gnome