GNOME+X11 on x64 blank after login due to a broken extension

x64 HP Spectre laptop (Intel i7, Intel Graphics). Since June 5th updates (around 3GB), after GNOME login, the in-built screen and two external screens go blank (black or blackish). The mouse pointer turns into the “ancient” type pointer like a capital letter “X”, and it can move around all three screens. Nothing else on the screens.

The installation is 5 years old, but always up to date through Add/Remove Software. About once a year Add/Remove Software can’t fully update a package or two, then some pacman magic or uninstalling and reinstalling the package helps. This big update went smooth except for ‘mobsh’ (or similar name, for a mob programming timer), which failed to build.

Standard GRUB. The same when I choose kernels

  • 6.4.0rx2-1
  • 6.4.0rc2-1 fallback
  • 6.3.5-2
  • 6.3.5-2 fallback
  • 6.2.16-2 fallback

I DO have MANY GNOME extensions, and a few tweaks through Tweaks and Just Perfection extensions. But I thought that “fallback” deactivates them all - is it so?

On-Screen-Display indicators (for in-built laptop screen brightness keyboard buttons, external USB keyboard volume buttons, USB headset volume buttons) DOES work, but only at the GNOME login screen only. Once logged on and the screen goes blank, OSD doesn’t show up anymore.

Ctrl+Alt+F3 allows me to login to terminal.

Please suggest shell root/sudo commands to run for any diagnostics or fixes.

(If possible, please suggest steps without a need to download an image and put it ona USB stick, since I don’t have any other laptop/desktop installation/partition. I am typing this on a cellphone, and all I can run on that laptop are shell commands that I can’t copy and paste, but I have to type them all. Thx.)


From there (TTY3), run:

gsettings set disable-user-extensions true

Then switch back to TTY2 and login. If everything works, then use process of elimination to find out what extension may be the culprit.

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