Gnome unlock slow?

Hi all. I’ve recently come over to Gnome Wayland from KDE, and one adjustment has been that is feels like unlocking the lock screen in somewhat slow compared to the immediacy of KDE. Is this my imagination or is there a fix? Thank you!

That happened on the same install or a fresh install? Does it happen in X11 session too?
How about give some more information about your system, as described here:

I was just wondering if it was a generally known Gnome “thing.” But, these are fresh installs, with Wayland or X11, on System76 Oryx Pro, Thinkpad T series, and Huawei Matebook X Pro, all with Intel CPUs and Intel or Nvidia graphics, all in the “traditional” desktop layout.

The “hang” is probably fractions of a second to a second, but not immediate like KDE. I’ve tried disabling major extensions (desktop, dash to panel, etc) without change.

How many fractions?

Wow, slower than I thought. On the fresh Oryx Pro install it’s 2 to 2.5 seconds from pressing enter of the unlock password to display of desktop. Feels about the same on all of them.