Gnome - Unable to mount my NAS shares

There must be something different in the way gnome 40 handles network shares:

I just performed a fresh install (Apr 26 2021) after changing to a new SSD on my desktop.

When I try to connect to my NAS, Nautilus asks for my credentials and then… nothing happens, I mean non error message, no warning of any kind, it simply ignores me.

On my manjaro laptop everything works fine.

Out of curiosity I tested other distros on the same machine and this odd behavior is replicated under gnome 40 but not under gnome 3.38… am I missing something? Is there some new setting we need to apply for this under gnome 40?

I have read that gvfs - especially the admin protocol - for some obscure reason - does not work as intended under gnome 3.40.

You can mount the share using other means - such as fstab or system mount units - but that is entirely up to you.

Thanks for the quick reply, I’m glad I’m not having a senior moment but this is actually a change in the settings.


I know those :grin: I am having quite a few lately - not at good habit as senior code monkey :monkey: