Gnome UI has complete setback after first login

Hello everyone,

I just switched from ubuntu to manjaro on my desktop, since I was so sattisfied on my laptop. Now I only face setbacks. When I first booted from the USB-Stick, everything looked fine. Clean and sharp, just as I was used from manjaro. I installed manjaro on it’s own partition, created a /home partition and copied my former /home from ubuntu. Under ubuntu I too was using gnome, so this might be, where the problems are coming from.

I adjusted some minor settings and everything looked as before. Then I created a new user for my girlfriend and everything was switched to something awful. All corners were suddenly with a radius, upon login the screen was zoomed out and the dock was set to the bottom. I notice others had similar problems, but they reported this after the upgrade to the new manjaro version, which I did not. I had a fresh clean 21 install from an iso downloaded last week. Some more things that seem off are for example the missing of the “Appearance” Tab in the Gnome Settings.

I even re-installed manjaro and had my old look-and-feel back, only until I logged out and back in to find the UI destroyed once more. I did run pacman -Syu after both installs, so this might also be part of the problem? I also felt like my old ubuntu gnome .config folder might be messing things up, but even with a fresh .config, things did not work out the way I wanted.

Do I need to switch DE or is there a solution for this problem?

Find below the screenshots from booting the USB-Stick and the running system.

the top screenshot is gnome 40 the new default
the bottom screenshot looks like the older 38, not used any more.

manjaro is more updated than ubuntu, there not moving to 40 until the next release.

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