GNOME-Twitch Backends

Hi all, Before i get started just wanted to say all replies even negative are greatly appreciated and im just getting back into linux after coming back from college so please bare with me if i seem noobish or forgetful… Everything on my newly installed GNOME desktop is working great but i can’t seem to get the players/backends to work on GNOME-Twitch i made sure to check i had all the dependencies needed for it but it’s still not working… When i first launched the app it asked for me to choose one of two backends/players and after i selected i believe Cairo every-time id open a stream it’d just crash/close itself… I was curious if anyone had suggestions or tips for me to uh fix this maybe i just need to install one that works or maybe there’s a easy work around? Now i can’t even see the player/backend list to try the only other option for a player/backend to attempt to load the streams… All replies are greatly appreciated thanks a bunch.