Gnome tweak tool doesn't display properly when the titlebar controls are on the left

As soon as I click on Placement -> Left, the sidebar with categories disappear. Now, every time I open Tweak Tool, I have to make it horizontally larger by just a bit for the side bar to display.

Video here

Some kind of UI bug. Any way to report it upstream? I tried doing some general ducking around for that bug, but didn’t see anything.

It is a known issue. Have you tried making the window wider?

Edit: I read the OP again, the question was irrelevant.

Anyway, here is the relevant issue tracker:

Remember to check if there is already an issue for this before opening a new one.

I figured someone else must have noticed, I just didn’t have any luck finding a bug report for it.

Ok, I’ve found their bug tracker :slight_smile:

Ah, thanks. I found it on my own as well. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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