GNOME Text Editor preview

GNOME’s new Text Editor using Libadwaita and Gtk 4 is coming! Help test it in preparation for GNOME 42 coming this Spring.

:information_source: Relevant packages are currently only available in the Manjaro unstable branch. :information_source:

Text Editor 42.alpha2

This is our second Alpha release as we progress towards GNOME 42. Please take
some time and test the application and submit bug reports. Distributions are
encouraged to package GNOME Text Editor so that we can fix any lingering
integration issues before the Beta releases.


Text Editor 42.0

GNOME Text Editor 42.0 is here, as our debut release for GNOME.

We’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to make this happen which is
impossible to name directly because so much has had to improve across the stack
to make this possible.

We hope you enjoy Text Editor and find it a pleasing experience.