Gnome terminal no longer calling GUI password box for ssh key password

Hard to explain but hopefully you understand.

It used to be that when I used gnome-terminal to initiate an ssh session, I’d get a gui box asking for the key password which would then remain unlocked for the remainder of my login session.

But some time recently it stopped and instead began asking for a password within the terminal window itself.
Not the end of the world but pretty annoying since I have a proxmox server with several guests running services I routinely ssh into to update/administer and having to enter the password every time I need to reboot gets tiresome pretty quick.

The underlying functionality is still there - if I use the file manager (Nemo) to open a network connection via ssh with just the username, it asks for the password for my ssh key as expected.

The functionality broke during an update a while back but I can’t even remember what was updated now, it was a pretty major one iirc

Have you looked at the update announcements?


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