Gnome Terminal Display Issue

The Manjaro Gnome Terminal looks very nice with the branding, but when it’s resized from the lower right corner the current line image replicates. I proceeded to resize the terminal rapidly and was able to get many of the images appearing in the terminal (like many) with the terminal eventually crashing.

I later discovered the same behavior exists in the terminals shipping with Manjaro KDE and XFCE editions.

I first noticed the behavior in 21.04 with the problem continuing into the newly released 21.07.

Currently using Manjaro Cinnamon (CE) and the Gnome Terminal packaged with runs as expected, but it is not branded; seems reasonable to assume a rendering issue with a script managing the terminal theme is the root cause (Gnome, KDE and XFCE editions).

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I just tried to replicate your bug on KDE and cannot reproduce this behaviour, so please read this:

Then file a bug upstream…