Gnome-shell freeze randomly


I bought an ASUS ZenBook 13 - UX331UAL in July 2019 and the display has been blocking regularly since the beginning.

To unblock the freeze, I have to kill the gnome-shell process. Then, the system works very well again. Sometimes for several minutes only or sometimes for several days, while I am still using the same applications in the same conditions.

As the regular updates have not changed anything, I finally decided to ask for help to solve this problem.

The computer is equipped with an Intel UHD 620 graphics card and I use the video-linux driver.

If you have any ideas on how to solve this problem, I’m interested!


Are you using Wayland or Xorg? If you’re using Xorg, are you using xf86-video-intel or modesetting?


I just found how to give you the answers. So:

  1. I use Xorg:
  1. $mhwd -li
    video-linux 2018.05.04

I suspect this driver is not updated since 2018, so I install the video-modesetting with the version 2020.01.13 and I will reboot. I will see if that’s better

Thanks for your help

Since the driver change, I have less freeze. Unfortunately when they happen, I can’t even switch to a virtual terminal to kill gnome-shell anymore. So I am forced to force the computer to shut down and turn it back on. It’s annoying to work.

What elements, such as log files, should I look at to identify the origin of the problem?

When I change driver to video-modesetting, I had some freeze, but some updates was here and the trouble seems to be go away. I didn’t have freeze some 2 weeks I think. That’s a good news!

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