GNOME Shell Extensions missing and wrong terminal font

I did a reboot after an update today and noticed a couple of odd things:

  1. The rygel seems to run noticeable at startup and it also hogs one CPU for the duration. (This is not really annoying since after a minute or so it is done, just something peculiar :thinking: )

  2. My terminal’s font was broken:

  3. When I wanted to change the terminal’s font again I also noticed the absence of the extensions tab in Tweaks:

I’m wondering now how I can get the normal shell back, as far as I can remember I have not changed anything from Manjaro GNOME’s default settings and when connecting via ssh the fonts are rendered appropriately, so it should not be a p10k issue.

Any help would be appreciated!

Edit: The shell theme says none, so this might provide some help. But what is the default one?

What font do you have set in your terminal? ttf-meslo-nerd-font-powerlevel10k is recommended, however you can use any nerd font.

There is a standalone Extensions application that’s part of GNOME Shell. It’s only been around since GNOME 3.36. :wink:

Default means it’s using Adwaita.

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Thanks, this seems to have been the main issue. Apparently it gut uninstalled for some weird reason and I missed it in the preferences (None was selected)

Any idea what rygel is up to though?

Please create a separate topic with more details.

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