Gnome shell Crashing on lock screen

Since the 45.1 update, on screen lock gnome stops/crashes. Awakening the screen takes you back to the login screen, where a new session is started. All opened apps in previous session are gone…

No good logs available.

AMD Polaris 550 GPU, AMD Ryzen CPU. The system is barely usable- I have never seen such a severe problem.

Possibly related to crash/freeze on GPUs related to preempt in KMS GPU driver/module (#3151) · Issues · GNOME / mutter · GitLab, rt thread in mutter.

Ubunutu released a patch here - Bug #2034619 “[amdgpu] gnome-shell gets SIGKILL'd when lock scre...” : Bugs : mutter package : Ubuntu

Is the rt-kms scheduling enabled for Manjaro?

Will try and set the KMS and env variables referenced and post back.

I’ve been experiencing something similar; when I close and reopen my laptop, GNOME crashes and sends me back to the login screen. I’ve tried setting HandleLidSwitch=ignore in /etc/systemd/logind.conf, but the issue persists. It seems to be GPU related, because the only solution I’ve found is to set the display mode in BIOS to ‘mshybrid’ instead of ‘discrete’.

Laptop Specs:

CPU: Intel i7-13700HX


options amdgpu mcbp=0

and also-



No crashes so far.

This worked for me. Thanks.

What does this mean/do, though?

It seems the latest mutter has real time scheduling enabled for kernel mode settings for graphics that seems to cause random crashes. This I think changes the real time scheduling to User, so it can be pre-empted… but I am no expert.