Gnome session crashes randomly after Super key is pressed

Hi there. Let me preface this with saying I’m a rather casual user which doesn’t tinker around with the system. I’m using the stable branch (5.15 kernel) and am up to date as of now. I was hoping the latest update would fix things but the crashes still happen from time to time, several times during the day. This never happens two consecutive times in a row but seemingly at random. They’ve been happening for a few weeks now, since the last update. Here’s some logs: gnome core-dump -, gnome core-dump2 - Mind you I’m not very proficient with debugging linux and if there are any commands which would provide better logs please oblige. When the crash happens the system displays a dialog with some text info including “Reason: clean exit” but it flashes too fast to read. The session resumes but some of the apps need to be reopened (VSCode).

Hello @remongrabu :wink:

In most cases when Gnome-Shell crashes, it’s a faulty/incompatible extension (Javascript code) or the computer is just too slow or has less RAM (and no swap).

Hi! Thanks for replying. I’m running a Ryzen 3700X with 32GB memory so the hardware should be sufficient to run the shell. Thanks for the two leads though. Now that you mention it one of the installed extensions (Light/Dark Theme Switcher) is displaying an incompatibility warning in the extensions menu. So I’ll begin with binning it and see if this helps. My system drive is also running low on space, only 31GB left. I’ll do some house cleaning then. Thanks for the suggestions!

Unfortunately neither freeing up more diskspace nor disabling extensions helped. I was also using Dash to Panel extension which directly relates to task switching but disabling it didn’t make a difference either.

What did change though is today I’m getting core-dumps from Slack (it did get an update today) and it’s Slack that I need to relaunch now after the shell crash, not VSCode like before. Maybe it’s Electron related? I’m also picking up WebKitWebProces and gnome-character crashes in the journalctl output