Gnome Screenshots Alteration and Fix

Previously I could press my keyboard shortcut, see the cursor change to a crosshair and immediately draw a box around the region of the screen I wish to screenshot.

Since the update yesterday, I now get a sprawling UI with corner pins and ugly options that get in my way tremendously. And looking at the keyboard shortcut menu, I can’t find an option to revert to my previous workflow.

It’s not unusual for me to take 300 or more screenshots daily, so this new overhead & friction represent a serious problem for me. I’d appreciate any help you can offer!

The screenshot tool is now built in, it is a new tool, the previvous screenshot tool is stil there but might need some keyboard shortcuts set up since the default shortcuts seem to override the previous defaults?
Settings to change are here:
settingskeyboardview and customise Shortcutsscreenschots

You can get back the old function easily:

Custom shortcuts:

  • Area selection (Shift + Print)
    Command: gnome-screenshot -a

  • Whole screen (print)
    Command: gnome-screenshot

You can use the new built-in tool for window (alt+print) & to open the interactive panel (ctrl+print)

Obviously you can choose your own keys :wink:

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Thank you both for getting back to me so quickly. My system’s back the way I preferred and all is well.

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