Gnome Screensaver seems to takes up a lot of memory and I'm not sure why

Hi everyone,

So I’m still not knowledgable about Linux, I’m sorry if my question is bad or obvious to some.

I have a problem with my PC overheating and lots of memory constantly even when I’m not doing much with it.

I’m trying to figure out why and my task manager shows this :

Which seems to imply Gnome screen saver plays a part in this ? However, while my Manjaro used Gnome I have since then mostly switch to xfce (while having not deleted much of my first Gnome install fearing breaking dependencies). I now use xfce for screensaving and wonder what is happening with Gnome here. I tried using the caffeine extansion but it didn’t seem to do anything.

-Am I understanding well that Gnome Sceen Saver taking a lot of memory ?

-Even if that’s not the case, how can shut down Gnome screensaving since it’s of no more use to me ?

Thanks a lot !

This looks like the conflict between Gnome- and Xfce-services in your system.
I think you should turn off some Gnome services or carefully uninstall some Gnome dependencies.
If you want to solve easily without complicated, I would recommend reinstall Manjaro Xfce before doing a backup.