Gnome Remote Desktop Blank Screen

Hello fellow Manjaro Users,

today i installed Manjaro Gnome Edition. (Did use Manjaro xfce before a bit)
I tried to setup the gnome-remote-desktop.
So i installed the pipewire and gnome-remote-desktop Packages, enabled Gnome Remote Desktop, changed its password, etc…

Connecting from my Windows (11) Machine does work, but i get a Black Screen.
Keyboard Input and Mouse Movement still gets passed to the Computer.

Does anyone have an idea why this is?
I appreciate your help and ideas.

Not sure what this could be but is the user logged in already on the target when you try to log into the session?

(first link then searching for " Gnome Remote Desktop Blank Screen" )

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Thank your for trying to help me.

So the User is already logged in, otherwise connecting doesn’t even work.

I found a solution for my Problem.
So for the other people that may run into the same problem:

  1. Create a group named “pipewire” (Check if it already exists before) – sudo groupadd pipewire
  2. Assign your user to this group – sudo usermod -a -G pipewire username
  3. Delete or move /etc/pipewire – sudo mv /etc/pipewire /etc/pipewire.bak
  4. Reinstall Pipewire Packages – sudo pacman -S pipewire pipewire-media-session gst-plugin-pipewire
  5. Reboot. sudo reboot now
  6. Login to your user and connect successfully with RDP now.

If u have any more ideas or corrections for this Post, send me an message, i will edit it.

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