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I have a very simple question here today, it comes from my own confusion.

I’ve been watching lots of linux videos to try to understand linux and one thing I’ve come across so much are developers/users of linux pronouncing gnome with the “g” sound, and maybe I’m wrong but I’m almost certain that the word is actually pronounced with the “g” being a silent letter.

If it really is g-nome I’m shocked because it doesn’t sound right to me at all. :sweat_smile: :face_with_head_bandage: It legitimately sounds to be a butchered pronunciation of the word.

Both are acceptable:

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Some people say “Guh-nome” because of GNU. That’s what it’s named for, not wee creatures. :wink: One can pronounce it either way. No gnu’s or gnomes will be harmed.

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Yes … I guess it depends on whether you are someone who says “GNU+Linux” instead of “Linux”, and whether you want to associate gnome with gnu :sweat_smile:

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Well alright then. :joy:

Every time I hear g-nome my brain feels uncomfortable. :face_with_head_bandage:

Well, technically, GNOME is part of the GNU Project. :man_shrugging:

The question is moot, however, because only native English speakers have a problem with the pronunciation of “gn” at the beginning of a word, leading to the “g” being either completely silent or else over-emphasized ─ the “guh-” at the beginning of the word, as Richard Stallman pronounces it.

In the Dutch language however, the “g” is pronounced differently ─ less percussive and more throaty ─ and therefore we have no problem pronouncing either word without muting or over-emphasizing the “g”.

For that matter, the ungulate in question has a differently spelled but almost identically pronounced name in Dutch. It is spelled “gnoe” in Dutch, but the “oe” sounds the same as the English “u” in “gnu”, or if you will, as the common English pronunciation of the double “o” ─ as in “Boo!”


:joy: :sweat_smile: I’ll say this much; you have a knack for breaking my brain.

Next set of instructions: How to write vowels in sign language, inside a echo chamber. :crazy_face:

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Rumpelstilzchen :bomb:


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