Gnome Online Accounts not syncing all my contacts in one account

I have several accounts that have contacts in them. One of them, a gmail account, has about 8,500. For some reason Online accounts won’t sync more than about 1,500 of them. The results are exactly the same if I’m viewing the contacts in evolution or gnome contacts. However, the contacts are available to view in Thunderbird in their entirety via cardbook. The contacts are being synced from Marketleader to google contacts and then into gnome. So I see all the contacts in Marketleader, in google contacts and in Thunderbird via cardbook but they are not all there in Gnome Contacts or Evolution. If I try to add the contacts via Evolution Accounts, I can add in CalDav and the email account, but not the contacts. The other contacts accounts are another gmail account, an office365 account and a carddav account. All of those are syncing in their entirety, but they are each under 1,000 apiece.