Gnome on screen keybaord not working on Wayland

I have a Asus Zenbook 2-in-1 laptop (Q529Z), and I can’t use the on screen keyboard (OSK) on any non-gnome application when using Wayland.

I can make the keyboard appear, and I can even use enter and backspace, but the letters and numbers does not work. Sometimes I can only type a single letter and sometimes I won’t be able to type any letter at all. When switching to X11 it works without issue.

I am somewhat new to Linux and I couldn’t find much related to this problem, so I don’t even know how to start debugging.

It’s this issue perhaps?

I don’t use either GNOME or an osk so I don’t know what the last sentence there means but maybe it helps you?

I have removed “Typing Booster”, by removing the functionality the osk is not getting stuck anymore.