Gnome loops back to login prompt

So this linked thread below is old and I thought that the problem by now would be well understood and fixed, But I am having the same exact problem. Loop back to login screen goes on until I do a bunch of restarts, shutdowns, suspends and then suddenly it logs me in. I have not been able to find any reproducible method to login other than set autologin which seems to work every time but I have to deal with password prompt for keyring…which is fine by me since I am autologged in. I am trying to research this by searching for the various error messages in the log. I am getting almost exactly the same output from journalctl as posted by surfingtux above. If someone has an idea what causes this and can point me in the right direction for further research I’d appreciate it.

:+1: Welcome to Manjaro! :+1:

Does this also happen for a newly created user (E.G. bytemonger2)


i’ve got this problem too, started a new thread before i cou;d find old ones, sorry.

actually, @bytemonger, it seems a kernel update fixed it for me!