Gnome lock screen

I have Gnome installed on my Manjaro machine, and i would like to take control of my lock screen.

I found another topic on “How to put screen on sleep without locking” but i wish i could make the opposite.

I’ d like to have the screen locked without shutting down the display.

How can i achieve that? Is scripting required?

Thank you in advance

So, you want to lock the screen without going to sleep? You just need to press super(the windows button)+L for that.

Ok, this might sound weird, as long as you have “Never” set in Screen Blank" in the “Power” settings panel, you could try just holding Super+L a second or two longer to distrupt the auto blanking. In which it should leave the time up.

I originally found this idea here.

gnome-control-center → Power → Screen Blank → Never


gnome-control-center → Privacy → Screen Lock → Blank Screen Delay → Never


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