Gnome Lock Screen turns off my monitor


Whenever I press Super+L or use the mouse to logout I see the lockscreen for only 1 second and then my monitor turns off until I move the mouse or press a key.

How can I fix that?


Don’t know if this will still work, and probably you have to add the new gnome version to it.

I’ve not used GNOME with Manjaro, but I had the same issue when I used Ubuntu 18.04. The only solution I found was to hold down the win + L for a few seconds whenever I locked the screen. You have to time it exactly right though, because if the screen where you enter your password comes up, it won’t work.

Thanks for the answer.

I added that file to the /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions folder but it doesn’t appear in the Gnome Extension tool.

I’m using Gnome 3.36.6

If I hold these 2 buttons at the same time it immediately goes to the password screen.

Remove it and install the No Screen Blank extension instead. :wink:


Thank you so much. It works.

I came on this by accident, but it was bothering me, too. Thanks for the No Screen Blank solution!