GNOME Lock Screen package not installed

Hello, I have been having issues with XFCE as of late for which I’ve had no support whatsoever on this forum, so I’ve switched to GNOME. I followed the instructions on the wiki (installed gnome and enabled GDM). After a reboot, GDM and GNOME load just fine, but I have no option to lock the screen. When I suspend, it just returns to the desktop without a password prompt. Seeing as the lock screen is different in 3.36, what package am I missing?

Hi, as you installed Gnome after XFCE the display manager is lightdm used in XFCE.
change it by running the following

systemctl disable lightdm
systemctl enable gdm

Hello, I enabled GDM by running:
sudo systemctl enable gdm --force

So, that is not the issue.

Normally in the privacy settings you can do that, but since you had another window manager, some config might interfere, did you uninstall lightdm?

Yes I did uninstall lightdm and what depends on it

After using the Dconf editor, I found org.gnome.desktop.lockdown disable-lock-screen and I set it to false. I have no idea why it was set to true. Either way, fixed it. Thank you

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If I just saw it in an arch forum post, since recommending gnome-screensaver was unnecessary, mark yourself as resolved, greetings

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