Gnome Layout Switcher


Out of curiosity, I really like the layout manager of Manjaro Gnome, however is the GUI and specific preset layouts only for Manjaro?

I saw this: GitHub - vmavromatis/gnome-layout-manager: A bash script that batch installs and tweaks GNOME extensions as well as GTK/Shell themes. There are currently three options available: Unity, Windows and macOS.

But this has only a few options and nothing like what you have on here.

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You mean gnome-layout-switcher? :wink: FYI, it was based on something from Zorin. Yes, it’s heavily reliant on Manjaro packages and will not work on other distros.


All the extensions are available in other distros too. If you install the needed extensions manually, then the layout part will work on the other distros too. The manjaro branding toggle is a bit more difficult to port.

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That’s my project <3 ! It was a good idea at the time but it’s highly unmaintained due to RL obligations T_T If anyone wants to pick up the maintenance just ping me.

Here was the thread that started it all: Manjaro Layout Manager (for GNOME) - Feature Request - Manjaro Linux Forum

By all means use gnome-layout-switcher it’s awesome and should be able to cover all usecases -what are you specifically looking for?


It was a major inspiration for gls and I even borrowed a few bits of code too. Thank you for your contribution :smiley:

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Oh cool, I want to try Zorin at some point as I like the idea behind that. Thank you for explaining. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m not worried about the Manjaro branding, but I liked the preset layouts, I’m just unfamilar with how to set them up as they are, really like the work that has gone into it!

It’s a great project, you have done an amazing job! I’ll be happy to discuss what needs to be done to maintain it, I’m hugely into coding as it is, mainly JS games, websites, but being that my interest is in Linux also, I do end up wanting to contribute to projects and perhaps create my own one day.
Message me, I’d love to discuss further!!

I mean currently I’m on endeaverOS however always end up coming back to Manjaro, just don’t like the branding much after a while, so it’s just playing around with customisations, but end up going back in to distro hopping, but my anchors are Arch based because of the AUR (Absolutely love the AUR, and have had bad experiences with PPAs).