Gnome Keyring - Change Name of Keyring

I’m trying to change the name of the default keyring (Default_keyring) to something else, but I can’t seem to. The Arch Wiki suggested that you could edit the name in the .keyring file under ‘~/.local/share/keyrings’, but that doesn’t appear possible as the file is hashed. I also tried renaming the file, but then it drops from Seahorse and I can’t import it. Any ideas? Thanks!

You need do three steps and fourth optional:

  1. Change password for your keyring to empty in Seahorse.
  2. Edit ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring file. You need to edit this line:
display-name=My Precious Keyring Name
  1. Restart gnome-keyring and Seahorse. Or if you are lazy – restart computer :stuck_out_tongue:
pkill gnome-keyring && gnome-keyring-daemon
  1. Optional but highly recommended – restore or set password for your keyring in Seahorse.