Gnome-keyring AND kwallet running together?


I am coming from Kubuntu (used it mainly between versions 18.04 and 22.04) and now I got myself Manjaro KDE.

One problem I still have on migration is that on Kubuntu seemingly gnome-keyring and kwallet ran BOTH with applications seemingly picking what keyring they like to connect to with things like chrome preferring kwallet, while some other applications (e.g. skype for Linux) booked themselves into gnome-keyring

now on Manjaro they seemingly dont exactly like to run next to each other like the systemd service for gnome keyring mentioning another secret service is running

does anyone know how that may works/have worked on Kubuntu and how to get stuff running as it was on Manjaro (or a decent way to import everything into one keyring (which might be even better than this chaos)?