Gnome is very slow

I have manjaro 22 installed with XFCE.
I recently installed Gnome 42, but something weird is happening.
The desktop is quite smooth, but the other applications are very slow.
For example, building an image in docker, searching the IDE, compiling an app, these tasks are much slower than in XFCE.

Which may be?
I have LightDM, instead of GDM, can this be a problem?

I understand that Gnome has more demand on the GPU/visual representation but building a docker image?

How much memory do you have? And do you maybe run custom Gnome extensions which use a lot of CPU?

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These are either CPU or storage bound tasks, but can be RAM when RAM is not enough. Please watch your resource usage, which one gets bottlenecked when you do any of these.

Thanks for your comments. I have been looking and it seems to me that the problem is in the tracker-miner process. Iā€™m going to temporarily disable it to see how everything flows

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