Gnome GUI for wireguard

How can I use Gnome to set up and down my wireguard connections in NetworkManagr ?
I installed networkmanager-wireguard-git but it didn’t help.

No need for networkmanager-wireguard-git
The “normal” NetworkManager that is installed and used already will do.
Just install wireguard-tools - and maybe openresolv (it’s an optional dependency).

Since I use that particular VPN, I used that description here as well:

Mullvad - ArchWiki

It should be very similar for other VPN providers.
Since I used that description, I did the setup via nmcli

I didn’t even try to use the GUI - but that should work as well.

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This works through the CLI and I’m already using it through CLI. But it doesn’t have GUI support.

Unless it no longer works, it should add a WireGuard option in Advanced Network Connections (nm-connection-editor). When choosing a connection type, youll see WireGuard under the Virtual section.

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How I use that (for now) is like this:
I set up the connection to my VPN provider (once) through the CLI
(“import” the ready made file(s) they provide)

Then I connect to my chosen WLAN hotspot or router (as usual, through the GUI).
Then I choose the imported VPN enty point on top of it (also trough the GUI).

To disconnect, I disconnect the from the WLAN as well as from the VPN.

… there is an option for a kill switch mentioned - which probably means that one can just disconnect the VPN while still connected to the WLAN.

I have not tried this out yet -
the described procedure works for me so far.

I use a lot of different WLAN access points - so I first connect normally, then activate the VPN as well.
I don’t need the VPN to work all automatically for every WLAN I use.

Aside from the “importing the VPN entry point”, which is done through the CLI
(only once)
everything can be done through the NetworkManager GUI.


You mean that is the advantage of using networkmanager-wireguard-git - to make this process more seamless?

Well if I have to go to nm-connection-editor then doing via CLI is the same for me.

What is really missing is the option in the UI to import a Wireguard conf file (or scan a QR code with your webcam).

Having to setup the Wireguard client config through the UI is quite an ordeal as you have to go through several tabs in the network settings to configure stuff. Also, the end result is not very satisfying as there is no way to start/stop the tunnel from the UI.

Installing wireguard-tools, put the .conf file for your client in /etc/wireguard/ as wg0.conf and using wg-quick up wg0 is actually much easier, even for beginners than using the current UI.

Then you can use this extension to start/stop the tunnel easily from your Panel/systray: