GNOME/GTK Breeze Theme Shows Inverse of Breeze/Breeze Dark Global Themes

Based on what I’ve read on the forum, my understanding is that the Breeze GTK theme inherits from the Global Theme with regard to light/dark. I have the Breeze GTK theme applied but when I switch between the light/dark Global Theme, the GTK apps (and even the GTK theme preview) are displaying the opposite theme (i.e. light global = dark GTK; dark global = light gtk). I’m aware of the difference between QT/GTK, but this doesn’t make any sense based on what I’ve read about the Breeze GTK theme.
Could someone please help me understand what is happening here?
Thank you!

Edit: in case I wasn’t clear, this behaviour is exclusive to the Breeze GTK Theme. Breath Light/Dark and Adwaita Light/Dark behave as expected.

Try to remove ~/.config/gtk-3.0 and ~/.config/kdeglobals, then reapply everything and see if it helps.

Thanks for the reply. I did as you suggested, but the problem remains. Can you think of anything else I could try? Is there some setting/switch somewhere for inverting the gtk colour scheme?
Thanks, w.