Gnome "freeze" after login

Following last stable update, after reboot, when I login, I’m stuck on this screen:

It’s not a full freeze:

  • mouse move, but clicks does nothing
  • keyboard does nothing, but cap-lock is recognized as I have an extension on top right that toggle when cap lock is toggled.

But I cannot go to terminal (ctrl+alt+Fx does nothing).

What can I do ?

ok, finally journalctl output a lot of extensions errors, so I used command :slight_smile:

gsettings set disable-user-extensions true

now I have to find the guilty :smiley:

Ok for the record => it was caused by a not compatible but disabled extension
I uninstalled it.

That’s very curious: I would not have imagined that a disabled extension could cause problem.

extension cause issue is this one:

it was working well in the past, but not anymore with gnome42 (I replaced by Dash to Dock for COSMIC - GNOME Shell Extensions)

=> problem solved, but this behaviour (disable extension causes issues) looks a bit like a bug.

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Dash to Dock has been compatible with GNOME 42 for quite awhile. You should install gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock from the Manjaro community repo, not from the GNOME Extensions website.

Dash to Dock for COSMIC is only for Pop!_OS as it describes.

Thanks Lala I had the same issue. GNOME 42 has been a pain in the ass :frowning: Dash to Dock only gave me problems, i had to migrate to Dash to Dock for COSMIC too

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