Gnome file picker thumbnails

We all been exited and happy to finally have thumbnails in the file picker since… ever… thanks to Gnome 44 we have, but…

Librewolf uses the old file picker which made me think Manjaro had something to do and wasn’t implemented yet…


Brave DOES use the new file picker. This is not without issues tho. Some folders just refuse to give thumbnails and others show some thumbnails and some not. Is such a mixbag I don’t know whats right anymore?

Someone has some info? Maybe something I messed up or need a super -Syu update or something?

Thanks in advance.

Both your images show that the image files have actually thumbnails.

You probably are using Brave via flatpak which has it’s own file picking portal and maybe different style.

(However, we might need more evidence, maybe one of the other folders on the left :wink: )

Both Librewolf and Brave from the official repositories. I try to have as little flatpaks as possible.

Also while both look having thumbnails Brave has big thumbs and different UI and Librewolf has puny icons that don’t zoom or magnify or can see any bigger.

Just little annoying and I was wondering why… Thanks for the response tho.

I use neither librewolf nor gnome, so this is just speculation, but I wonder if brave uses the xdg-desktop-portal for the file chooser dialog, and librewolf uses its own.

The Arch Wiki firefox entry describes how to get firefox to use the GNOME file chooser. This requires xdg-desktop-portal-gnome, which seems to have been causing other problems recently. If you have not yet removed it, maybe this approach will work for you. Otherwise, perhaps xdg-desktop-portal-gtk will provide a similar thumbnail display.

You beautiful friend, that did it! Thank you!!

Indeed. The solution is to change widget.use-xdg-desktop-portal.file-picker from 2 to 1 in about:config as xdg-desktop-portal-gnome is already installed.

I also switched from Gnome default Files (Nautilus) to the (imho) superior Thunar. Sooo gud naw :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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