Gnome Extensions settings does not persist after logout or switching user

Gnome Extensions settings in other user keeps getting turned off whenever I logout from that user.

I’m not sure I completely understand, one way to find out if it is a system or user problem:

If you create a new user in gnome settings does the same problem occur with the newly created user?

Yes it does. Actually it does when I go to that newly created, or even it is not new anymore after successive logins, and the Gnome extensions are off. When I login back to the original user the Gnome Extensions turned of here too.

But problem is no more. So I do not know exact reproduction steps anymore. That is problematic.

I have the same problem. After I lock my device, or it locks itself over time, all extensions seem to stop working and I have to disable all and enable all again in the “extensions program”
are there already any tips to solve this? it is very annoying

No tips for a solution but you can for instance try to find out more looking through the systemlog.

Some commands to start out with, the command below will list all journal entries from the current session, then pipe it into grep en select only the lines with gnome-shell and then pipe those into grep to select only the lines with extension This might give some clues into what is causing this behavior.

journalctl --boot -0 | grep gnome-shell | grep extension

Maybe the locking triggers something else, the command below lists all the errors in the log from the current session, those might give some clues what is happening.

journalctl --boot -0 --priority=err

Please see How to provide good information. I do not agree this is the same problem, it is a different use case and @fselcukcan reports it is solved on his end so it might be better to provide info on your system, preferably with some logging so users can try to help you fix this issue in a new post and refer to this one.

Gnome-extensions are user specific. Enabling them for one user does not affect the other users.

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Well I think you have a misunderstanding. Gnome-extensions settings in other user keeps getting turned off whenever I logout from that user, not from other user. Off course the other user would have other gnome extension settings. But thanks anyway, all contribution is appreciated. :+1:

Same issue: Gnome 40 keeps turning off the Extensions again and again. I open the extensions settings and turn them ON, but on the next day I notice that they are OFF again. My custom extensions are preserved, together with all the configs - but I need to re-enable the extensions subsystem as whole. Maybe it happens after updates?