Gnome Extensions Not Recognized

Budgie DE with Vivaldi browser and the following installed:

  • gnome-shell 1:3.38.1-1
  • chrome-gnome-shell 10.1-4
  • gnome-tweaks 3.34.0-4

I thought I had successfully installed the Gnome Extensions tool, the Gnome “foot” logo is in the Vivaldi bar. However, when I click on it to try to install and extension, I get this:

What am I missing?

GNOME Extensions are not compatible with Budgie:


That would explain the problem :grinning: Thank you.

It does seem odd though, since Budgie has a lot of Gnome included in it.

Extensions are meant for gnome “shell”, not gnome stack. Budgie has only gnome stack (apps and libraries)

I understand but it is still odd.

I guess it’s the same or quite for Budgie than Cinnamon. It started as a fork of Gnome and evolved more and more so that now, components of Gnome and Cinnamon cannot work into the other.
Nonetheless Cinnamon still uses core Gnome Gtk libraries underneath, but the desktops are independent.
I believe Xfce use Gtk also.