Gnome Extensions - Correct Way To Install Updates, Browser Method Fails

Hello Everyone,

I have consistently been having issues with installing gnome extension updates in both Brave and Firefox browsers.

Specifically, my system will tell me there is an update for an extension I am using, I will visit the extension page here:

I find the extension and when I try and update I receive a big red error box on the webpage. Checking the ‘sudo journalctl /usr/bin/gnome-shell log’, I see the following listed for the extension that I am trying to update:

Jan 17 00:17:44 aahmad-xps gnome-shell[1086]: JS ERROR: Extension Error: A different version was loaded previously. You need to log out for changes to take effect.
Jan 30 10:53:51 aahmad-xps gnome-shell[1067]: JS ERROR: Extension Error: A different version was loaded previously. You need to log out for changes to take effect.

The odd thing is, when I restart my machine, it looks like it actually installs the update correctly. So, really it boils down to what is the ‘best’ way to install Gnome Extension updates without issues?

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

System extensions pre-installed / installed via Add/Remove Software cannot be updated via the website and vice versa. Often the website will erroneously claim there’s an update for a system extension. The Extensions application will show the user extensions at the top.

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There are many pre-installed extensions in manjaro gnome so they can’t be updated on the GNOME Extensions website. Some will erroneously show there’s an update available and you can ignore that.

If you open the website, you’ll see the pre-installed extensions are listed under “Built-In”. If you install an Extension from the website, you’ll see they’re listed under “Manually Installed”. The former can be updated via pamac or pacman, while the latter can be updated via the website only.

You have to reboot for the changes to take effect in both the cases. If you want stability then stick to the ones in the repos.

Thanks everyone for the comments! A few follow-up questions:

@ishaan2479 - I don’t see the 'Manually installed" vs “built-in” sections on the Gnome Extensions website. Can you provide a screenshot possibly?

@Yochanan - Hey Mark! Is there an easy way for me to tell what was installed via the Add/Remove Software Utility vs. what was installed on the Gnome Extensions website?

Thank you both for your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!


The Extensions application has a Manually Installed section at the top for user extensions installed from the website and Built-In for system extensions preinstalled / installed from Add/Remove Software.

The website will show the System extension label for Built-In extensions an no label for Manually Installed extensions.