GNOME: Enable Bluetooth at startup

With Gnome 42, Bluetooth is disabled by default. If you use a BT keyboard and mouse, after installing the latest image there is no way to get passed the login screen or get to enable Bluetooth in any way.

This means people with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse cannot use Manjaro Gnome anymore.

Besides that, on at least my HP Spectre 14 laptop, after installing latest image, enabling Bluetooth doesn’t do much, it seems to be enabled but doesn’t show the searching/loading animation and no devices are shown.

The workaround for both issues is to edit etc/bluetooth/main.conf set AutoEnable=true and remove the # in front of it, then reboot.

Of course this is impossible on a desktop computer when all you have is your Bluetooth set.

Bastiaan Nocera says the distribution should fix this, because it should make sure AutoEnable is set to true, see his comment here:

Please do that. I’ve also added it to my post install script but I can’t even run that on a computer with Bluetooth keyboard/mouse.

FYI, this happens after an update or a clean install. Existing “feature” is essentially removed, causing users to become locked out. That is why I thought I should call this a bug and not a feature request.

Looks like this should be fixed with the next version of Bluez.


This is a feature, not a bug. :wink:

Sure sounded like it to me…

Apologies for that wording. I guess the effect of this feature is a bug for the end users. Updating weekly or biweekly and not being able to login afterwards, could be experienced as a bug right?

The same would happen if the battery in your keyboard dies. Is that also a Manjaro bug?

You replace the battery. Still in the users control. This clearly is not?

I don’t get it.

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