Gnome documents and tracker search


Since Gnome 3.38 i have problems with tracker. I want to search keywords in my files content (.odt ou .pdf by example). As far I know, the only way to use GUI to do that is to use gnome-documents.

Tracker3 seems to works fine, announcing that files has been indexed and that indexation is ended. But gnome-documents is unusable, announcing that no file as been found.

I already tried to remove tracker database, reinitialize indexation with no luck. Is someone could help me to have fully functionnal search tool ? Is there an alternative to gnome-documents ?


Paperwork. Gnome-documents is a bit buggy

Thank you, I will try it, but it seems that the content of office documents (.odt, .ods…) is not used, because it not use the tracker database.

Edit : problem solved with the Gnome Files search bar. For the first time, and after a delay, searched keywords was found in my files content. With that, Gnome Document is useless in my usecase.

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