Gnome dock behind desktop


I’m using gnome with fractional scaling under wayland. “All of a sudden” the gnome dock is unreachable.
(All of a sudden because I can’t remember changing anything in particular, which could have affected it.)

The dock gets loaded at startup. I see it, because gnome shows the “workspace overview”, which shrinks the desktop, at startup. When I click on an application or the desktop/wallpaper the workspace becomes active.
The workspace gets stacked above the dock and it is imposible to bring the dock into the foreground.
I can only reach it by pressing Super and “shrinking” the workplace again.

If the screen is in “normal” mode the desktop/wallpaper/fullscreen application gets in front of the dock.

(PS I would have attached a screencast which would be easier to understand than my text, but it seems wayland doesn’t have working screen recorder).


Hi, what you describe is the default behaviour of Gnome. My guess is that you had Dash-To-Dock enabled, which could’ve been disabled if Wayland crashed. Please try to open the “extensions” app and re-enable the extensions via the top toggle.


You’re a wizzard :wink: Thanks

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