Gnome Disks creating a bootable .iso?

How do I make a bootable .iso? My old 3.5 hdd is getting slow & if it goes soon I want to make a .iso of it as it is, so I can install & use with out setting it all up again.

man buildiso

See backup function

Use clonezilla to make a copy of your system - and subsequently restore to a new disk.

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The hard way: booting from an Usb and use ‘dd’ command to make an image of the disk.

The easy way: Rescuezilla: backup, restore and clone your disk.

Is it getting slow because it’s old or simply issues with the install? In my opinion either way I would just reinstall, especially since it really doesn’t take that much time to be back where you were. If OS is slow because the drive is going there is a very good chance there are issues in the OS caused by the drive. If the OS is just slow and the drive is fine then you have underlining problems in the OS, maybe just some piece of software slowing the OS down or you’re not being informed about your issue.

Make a backup of the /home directory and then reinstall on the new disc.

The drive is old It says that in the Smart data, the OS is fine. I am just wondering if I can make a bootable .iso in disks? I have just old age & 2 pre-fails.