Gnome DE colour problems

Hi all !
I have done all the system update yesterday and when restart i have one of my screen
with a blue filter apply on when i come to the gnome desktop.
When Manjaro start all colors are good…i have the green ok color of the log service start ok…i have the gnome login screen good colors but one time on the desktop one screen is ugly with this blue filter apply ??? I have test with another linux and windows all is good definitly a manjaro update problem i think. Someone have an idea ? And i have want to start redgshift-gtk to try to set the gamma and others but failed to start with geoclue problems …my graphics card is AMD RX480 with open source drivers.

Many thanks.

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Why when GNOME has Night Light built-in?

Please post the output.


After some search i found that’s the color profile manager that have add a color profile on one of the monitor …because the setting is on automatic i haven’t think this is the problem. And when i have disable the color profile the screen was stay at the same blue colors…But after disable automatic and put on the second one profil shown in the list the colors become goods…very very curious…Because my two screen are the same models…and for one of the screen just one profil show in the list …and for the second one screen two profils show in the list ??? one of 2013 and one of 2015…and after the systems updates gnome profil selector have switch on this old very cold (4100k) colour profil giving me like blue filter…
So just have to put on the first in the list and all is ok…very very curious…
Have a nice days…

For Redshift problem yes i have the Gnome Night Light built-in …so perhaps i can’t run Redshift at the same time ?
But i was thinking Redshift was just a tool to manually set the Gamma…but not …it is complete tools to adjust the color when light change…so that’s not the tool i was thinking…
but redshift gtk don’t start…the output say geoclue problems so after some search i have found i have just to activate the gnome location on the setting panel…
So after allow gnome location the redshift-gtk give any error and say start but any graphical interface come…but it’s not a problem for me because i use the gnome night …many thanks have a nice days.