Gnome dash to panel extensions gone?

I had a miner conflict when upgrading my Manjaro install, can’t quite remember but something with gnome-shell-extensions-desktop-icons?

After rebooting my gnome archmenu panel was gone and gnome-tweaks no longer shows the panel settings or any other extensions.

gnome-tweaks and gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel are installed.

How can I get the extensions back?

Hello, you can all find them on Pamac. You may also read the logs to know the exact names in case they were removed.

You would not happen to have installed Gnome 40 by any chance?


According to pacman its already installed, but its not listed in gnome-tweaks.
Where should I enable it?

I’m running GNOME Shell 3.38.3

It’s not in gnome-tweaks but in Extensions.

But where do I open Extensions?

From the Applications list.

Ahh Thanks :slight_smile:

I remembers it as the extensions settings was in gnome-tweaks
Just ran the Extensions applet and they where disabled entirely

You may find Individually Gnome Tweaks and Extensions.

But in Layout Manager (that you can launch from Manjaro Hello too) you can find them both.