Gnome dash-to-dock delayed response

I recently reinstalled everything because of an irreparably destroyed system. After reinstalling with the new installer, I see some errors have popped in in the dash-to-dock extension. It responds with a delay. When I open an app it is added to the dock after a few seconds and when I close it, it lingers around on the dock for a few seconds. It is not because of a hardware limitation (I’m quite sure of that).
I don’t even know what I should be looking for in this case in order to troubleshoot this. Please help, it is somewhat annoying.

It’s a known issue. We’ll have to wait for upstream to address it.

OK. Thanks for the information.

I was expecting that they’d have resolved it by now. It seems like that bug has been there for years…

They finally merged a PR that fixes it. It’s available as 69-4 in all branches.

I have the same version installed on my computer and it is still not working for me.

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