Gnome crashes when trying to make a preview from animated "webp" in Nautilus

When you open Nautilus in the directory where the animated webp file is located, it eats up all the memory and all the swap and throws it out of the session

The file causing the crash is packed in zip

Please do not spread such - possible - malware - malware in the sense of not working as you expect.

Hello @andxbes :wink:

I tested it and I agree, it takes a lot of RAM when it creates a thumbnail of such a big webp file. About 8G of RAM. The reason is simply that it decompresses all pictures into RAM (open it) and then create a thumbnail. It use libwebp directly from Google.

I tried simply that:

 gdk-pixbuf-thumbnailer Untitled.webp Untitled.png

Also opening it with gnomes eog picture viewer takes 8G RAM:

    ~/Downloads  smem -ntkP eog            ✔  3s  
  PID User     Command                         Swap      USS      PSS      RSS 
229166 1000     python /usr/bin/smem -ntkP         0    11.2M    12.0M    17.6M 
228617 1000     eog Untitled.webp                  0     8.4G     8.4G     8.4G 
    2 1                                           0     8.4G     8.4G     8.5G 

I would say, webp is not made to be such a big file. It is for small web images.

Also if it eats all your RAM, then it close gracefully the session for safety reasons.

That being said, there is nothing you can do. Install more RAM or use a another format which doesn’t take so much RAM.

  • It looks like you converted your video to webm and webp.
    webm is right choice for you, not webp.
    You can delete this webp file in terminal, do not use Nautilus.
  • The thumbnail generator gdk-pixbuf-thumbnailer has this issue with the animated webp. If you need functionality, try to install webp-pixbuf-loader from the repo and follow the setup.