Gnome crash while gaming?

Hi There,

I sometimes have weird behavior from my Gnome desktop: when I play something more computationally intensive like Baldur’s Gate 3 or Hogwarts Legacy, every now and then it happens that all my three monitors go dark briefly, the middle one shows me my Gnome login screen and the other two show some kind of graphic errors. This doesn’t happen all the time and is not reproducible, but it happens once or twice per gaming session.

By the way, I can’t log in to Gnome anymore. I have to restart the PC.

Has anyone of you ever had this happen?

Hi @D1Ck3n,

Can’t say I’ve had.

Let’s see if there are any errors. Please provide the output of:

journalctl --boot=0 --priority=err..warnings --no-pager

Run that after a crash to see is there were any warnings or errors.


loglevel warning is not warnings!

so use:

journalctl --boot=0 --priority=err..warning --no-pager

or if you just need error messages:

journalctl -b -p err

thanks for your reply and sorry that i respond so late, but since the last AMD driver update i don’t have the issue anymore :person_shrugging:

it seems that it was just a bug in the Driver.

i think this thread is solved now.

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