Gnome-control-center segfault after update

After the update, I am not able to access gnome-control-center.

zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  gnome-control-center

systemd-coredump here :

Please make sure you’re actually using the current official version:

❯ pacman -Qi gnome-control-center | grep Version
Version         : 42.3-1

If the above command does not return any output, then you have a modified version installed. In that case:

pacman -Qs gnome-control-center

Hmm, that’s very weird, after a reboot today I don’t have the issue.

I confirm I use version 42.3-1.
I have rebooted after the update.

I want just to precise, I detected this issue because “Night Light” Mode was not active but it should have been. That’s why I went to gnome-control-center and detected segfault.

I will post, if it happens tonight.

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